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Weedgiver.com reviews

Are you looking for fair and public reviews on weedgiver? We have many people asking us if weedgiver is a legit. Here we will tell you all we know about weedgiver and you will also see what other people are saying about weedgiver. After you read this article, we believe that you will get more insight into what weedgiver is all about.

We know that WeedGiver is Legit because they are our very suppliers, we have bought a franchise from them and they provided us with a copy of their website. We do not need to have any product because all we do is add the prices for the same on our website. Once a customer orders, we forward it to Weedgiver and pay, we giver then supplies to the customer then we keep the surplus. That’s why our prices here are slightly more expensive!


Who is weedgiver? Is WeedGiver.com Real?

In trying to know more about weedgiver reviews, it is paramount to know who weedgiver is, here, we will tell you more on weedgiver.

Weedgiver is a medical marijuana collective made up of growers, strains seed engineers, distributors, and dispensaries. Weed Givers are online now and you can see them at Weedgiver.com, Weedgiver is one of the oldest medical marijuana growers coming from NorCal. They have played an important role in making medical marijuana available recreationally in California as well as Colorado.

In 2002, weedgiver started a medical marijuana service that took care of patients in Oakland California only. In the later years, they witness a spike of many medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other major cities. They thought it wise to target wholesale supply not only in Oakland but in the whole of California. WeedGiver focuses on wholesale medical marijuana supply rather than retail.

Is weedgiver.com Legit?

The simple answer to this question is YES, Weedgiver.com is Legit, weedgiver is not only a business but a medical marijuana advocate seeking to help members of the medical marijuana community rather than making a profit. We (weeddonor) have benefited from weedgiver in enormous ways, without weedgiver, we will not be functioning today. We are mimicking weedgiver , trying our best to follow their footsteps. At the beginning of our cause were so impressed with their operations that we got a franchise from them and started operating in Colorado since they could not cover Colorado fully from California.

Benefits of Working with WeedGiver – How WeedGiver.com Helped Us

We (Weeddonor) have has a whole lot of positive impact on our customers ever since we started dealing with weedgiver.


– They Helped us Obtain a License

Firstly, we were very interested in joining the medical marijuana world but we didn’t know how to go about it. One of the most positive reviews on weedgiver is that they walk you through the legal procedures of setting up your online store or dispensary. Apart from giving us a franchise, they also help us to set up the dispensary.

– Weedgiver Deals with Anyone

We didn’t really know much about how to start a dispensary neither did we know where to start, we simply contacted weedgiver and they gave us all the information. Other collectives that we contacted did not give us any information.

– Weedgiver has the Best Prices

Like we said earlier, weedgiver is not in business mostly for profit but for helping the marijuana community in general, they have the best prices, their prices are not seen elsewhere in the industry. What they ask for is a simple donation for the time and effort that they put through the growing and distributing process.

– Weedgiver keep the process simply

Weedgiver makes the process very easy and understandable. Unlike other medical marijuana online stores who make the process complicated for the average person, weed giver makes it very simple for everyone to get something. There is a rate for everyone.

-WeedGiver Has the best Quality

Another noteworthy review on weedgiver is that the quality they give out is the best. Weedgiver grows and nurtures their plants with so much care and attention. They make sure they only give out the best to the community.

-Many other Positive reviews

Weedgiver has so many positive reviews that we cannot go through all of them one after the other. consistency, honesty, fast delivery, flexibility, straightforwardness and more are other characteristics of WeedGiver.


Negative Sides of WeedGiver?

Because of review on weedgiver is genuine and unbiased, we cannot finish without giving the negative sides of weedgiver. Weedgiver have a couple of negative aspects that we have had customers complain about in the best

The Ban

Many customers have complained that they have gotten permanently banned from dealing with weedgiver. Weed giver has too many customers to deal with and just like you will expect, this is due to their good prices and many positive aspects. many people prefer dealing with weedgiver. This has caused a lot of customers they have to deal with. They easily put a ban on customers who try to complicate the process. Most customers simply don’t understand how it works so they get banned. It is better always to try to read the instructions on the website first.

Product unavailability

At weedgiver, bulk products easily go out of stock, this is due to the fact that many people order from there. They are faced with product unavailability too often.

Shipping and Delivery

Once weedgiver ships your order, they do not follow up with the courier. We have never had any problems getting our products delivered but we have had to deal with their courier directly. we expected them to handle these processes for us.

Conclusion on weedgiver reviews

In conclusion, weedgiver is the best online platform for anyone who wants to get good quality and good quantity without hassle. Irrespective of all the negative sides that we have discussed, even though weedgiver have their shortcomings, they are the most helpful dispensary of their time. You won’t find anything better elsewhere, at least not anytime soon.

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